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Good Morning TOAD team,

Just noticed this today, maximize Schema Browser or Describe window in a portrait oriented monitor and the data shown is limited to 22 rows. I see no way to increase this number, but 17 more rows would easily fix.


Does your table have CLOB or some other big datatype(s) (or lots of smaller ones) that would limit the initial fetch to 25 rows?

For what it's worth, In my landscape-oriented monitor, I'm seeing 32 rows in Schema Browser-Tables-Data. Do you have a landscape monitor for comparison? If so, how many rows do you see that way?

Good Afternoon John,

No, this is not the fetch (500 rows default) but the displayed rows. No lobs in the few tables I’ve tested with.

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Good Morning John,

I was about to report this again, but found this old post, with errors, so I'll just revive.

I oriented one of my home monitors to Portrait; 26 of 500 rows are displayed with a 2.5" tall white section below the data and above the record controls, single record view and scroll bar. In another Schema Browser on a Landscape monitor 14 of 500 rows display completely and then a partially obscured row is shown below, no white space.

These numbers depend on how big you choose the type face; I like a large type face these days , so the white space has been shrunk.

I did a Reset to clean set of user files from base instillation which resolved this issue. 31 rows now display in Portrait mode. :slight_smile:


I can definitely reproduce some empty white space at the bottom of a data grid when I rotate my monitor. Not sure what causes this but I'll investigate.

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Will be fixed soon. I think Rich @rjesse brought this up once before too.

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I did? I bring up a lot of things that I forget about. I think...



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It's entirely possible my mind just made that up.

@wickliffe.larry Fixed in the current beta.

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Good Afternoon John,

Thank you!


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