Schema Browser and Editor single record view off screen on monitor with portrait orientation

Good Afternoon TOAD Team,

I think this is due to me using monitors with the long side vertical; the issue does not happen on the monitor with the normal long side horizontal. When in the schema browser or editor and I select single record view; the pop-up window appears with the width for a horizontal monitor and I see no data since it is off screen to the left of the monitor. This would be less annoying if the data was on the screen and the window extended to the right, but that is not the case. Also, when I resize the window, the resize is never remembered, the large single record view again appears with all data off screen. Can the function of the single record pop-up be fixed? BTW, I’m using the latest Beta, today. This issue has been around and I just failed to report it in the past.

Also, when I drag a schema browser or editor window to the monitor with the other orientation and maximize by dragging to the top, the normal window is resized to be long and skinny when I drag back and just drop the window. If I drag to maximize as I did on the first drag, default size is not messed with; restore brings the window back to normal size.

We’ve got some code in there to make sure that the window is not larger than the monitor, but it’s just looking at the primary monitor.

I made a change for next beta that I think will correct that, so please give it a try and let me know.

I’ll leave your other question for the other John, since it sounds like it’s related to SDI mode.

Hey Larry,

I’m not sure I’m following your second question, and was wondering if you could elaborate a bit. Assuming monitor #1 is in landscape mode, and monitor #2 is in portrait mode, are you saying that the two steps you’re using are:

  1. Drag the window from monitor #1 to the top of monitor #2 to maximize it, and then drag it back to monitor #1 to restore it, it makes it long and skinny?

  2. Drag the window from monitor #1 to the top of monitor #2 to maximize it, and then clicking the restore button on monitor #2, makes it the default size on monitor #2?

Or are you going through different steps? And is this in Window 10, 8, or 7?