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Rummaging around in OEM 12c Repository - question


Does anyone out there in ToadWorld have a clue as to where I should be looking in the OEM 12c repository database to find out the following:

  • a list of targets of type Database or Host;
  • a list of the named credentials for the above;
  • a list of the preferred credentials for the above.
    I am not interested in decrypting the passwords, I’m not interested in the passwords, I already have access to the vault we store them in, I am trying to come up with a simple way of determining which, if any, of our target databases and hosts do not have named and/or preferred credentials defined in OEM.
    I’m not an OEM expert by any means, so be gentle with me. Thanks.
    I have had a look on Google etc. I have looked at the various tables in the SYSMAN schema and the MGMT$ views and the Oracle Docs, but while I get some way towards what I need, I can’t get all the way.
    – Cheers,
    Norm. [TeamT]


I am no expert with EM or its repository, but I needed to collect some data out of EM for other purposes and I used the following doc.

Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Extensibility Programmer’s Reference

12c Release 3 (

Part Number E25161-10

Hope it helps.