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Running Toad version on Windows 8 the Single Record Viewer dialog boxes are blacked out

on windows 7 there is a fix for this by going into the advanced appearance settings and changing the item setting to 3d Item which apparently allows you to edit the text,

does anyone have a solution for windows 8?


I don’t have Windows 8 to test this on, but if I remember this correctly, the problem was that when the dataset is read only (did not include a ROWID), some users could not see the text because the background color of the edit box was the same color. I don’t remember if that was black or some shade of gray. So I think if you just include ROWID in your query, you’ll be able to see everything. Where is that 3D setting that you are talking about? I didn’t see it.

In Toad 11, we added a setting in Single Record View to change the background color of the edit box when it’s read-only.