Save-As and Open Difference

I recall that the Save-As and the Open feature had a favorites line that one can specify (at some point) and then both aformentioned features would target the location currently selected as the "favorite".

I no longer see that. Has it been removed temporarily/for good or is that hanled in some other manner?

Thank you.

We had to change to a more modern open/save dialog to support dark mode.

The new dialogs handle favorites differently.

If you want to add a folder to favorites, that now has to be done from Toad Options (Options -> Files -> Open/Save Dialogs). Sorry, I know this is not as handy, but the old way of doing it is not possible anymore without making things look ugly. :frowning:

Once that is done, you can select favorite folders in your open/save dialogs here

Thank you John for the prompt reply. I get the first screen and can see my favorites there.

However, the second screen does not compute. I see the TEMP directory on the left pane but you obviously set that up in the directory tree in the image (no slight intented). Some of my favorites are buried deep and I expected that the favorites would stand out in my left pane. But they do not. So I have to tranverse the directory tree whether in the main pane or the left one. imho, basically makes the concepts of Favorites useless. That is the ugly part.

Just my opinion, but dark mode is no excuse to take away a feature such as this. The former is visual; the latter is convenience and efficiency.

Can you show me a screen shot of what the favorites area of your open/save dialog looks like?

I see the TEMP directory on the left pane but you obviously set that up in the directory tree in the image (no slight intented).

I don't know what you mean by this. I hope you are not suggesting that I photoshopped the image that I gave you. I would never do such a thing. That is straight from Toad.

Dark mode is not an excuse. I am just telling you how it is. Almost all modern software offers a dark mode. Many users are very excited about dark mode, and said there was no excuse to not have it. And when we added dark mode, the old dialogs had to go because they were not compatible.

The old open/save dialogs were based on Windows XP technology. They caused access violations with dark mode. The look and feel of the new dialogs is out of my control. We are bound by the offerings and limitations of our development environment. That said, I want to make them as good as I can.

Anyway, let's move past this and just try to solve the problem. I added a very-long-path favorite and this is what I see. The path to this folder is: C:\test1\test2\test3\test4\very_long_folder_name_oh_it_has_so_many_characters_who_can_see_them_all\here we are 6 layers deep

My apologies if I have offended. I meant that you had navigated to that TEMP directory in the left pane manually.

This is my current favorites. If I try to save a script this is the screen I get. Notice that my favorites are not shown in any way

If I try to open a file, I essentially get the same screen with, again, no way to get to my favorites without traversing the entire directory tree.

The favorites were set up in previous versions of TOAD and were not created in this version, beta or otherwise.

John, I looked at your screen again and noticed that the "TOAD For Oracle" items in in the directory tree. When I expanded my version of such, my favorites were indeed there. Doh.

Thanks again for your assistance. It takes me a while but I finally get it.

Oh, good. I don't see an "Expand" triangle/button/+ in your screen shot next to "Toad for Oracle" so I can see how it would be easy to miss. I wonder if there is a windows setting for those. Or maybe they show up only after you expand the left-hand-side a bit?

And no problem on the misunderstanding.

Now that I aware of it, it does show up but only after that pane has focus. Then it appears and will show up from then on in. But on the initial display, not that I can tell.


Again, thank you.

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Oh, now I see. The "Expand" indicators only appear when you move your mouse over there. I see the same thing in notepad.