"Save Changes to the Selected Items?" Window Jumps to Edge of Primary Monitor

I'm using two monitors and typically have Toad Data Point (version open on my secondary monitor. If I have unsaved files open and I try to close, there's a pop-up that asks if I want to "Save changes to the selected items?" The problem is that this window immediately jumps all the way to the left edge of my primary monitor.

Is there a way I can fix this so that it stays in place? I can't even find the setting to disable it. I'd rather resort to not having the pop-up at all than risk not saving something I need (which seldom happens).

Hey Michael, welcome to the TDP forum at ToadWorld.

When you move the "Save Changes" panel to a different part of the screen (or monitor) and then click OK/cancel, does it not appear in that same place the next time this happens?

Otherwise, there's no option that I can find to disable the dialog box. However, I'm wondering if these options settings might help?


No, it always jumped to the left edge, BUT clicking "Reset Window Locations" seems to have fixed it! Thank you!