CPU jumps to 100% during save as operations

Hi All,

I have an annoying problem with my toad data point during "save as" operations.
When I try to save a new sql file in the editor the cpu jumps to 100% and the save as dialog window hangs. The result is that saving a new file takes a long time.
Actually in order to create a new sql script it is faster for me to create it outside Toad and then open it..

The open file dialog window works fine.

The version I installed is:
Toad Data Point (32 bit)

Any idea?



Not sure what the problem might be without other details, short of getting our Support team to take a look at this. However, before going that route, highly suggest you upgrade to the latest version 5.1, and test your scenario to see if the new version resolves the issue.

Hi Alessandro,
can you try any 5.1 version to see whether your issue persists?

Hi Gary, dan,

many thanks for your answers. I will surely try de path of the upgrade (I had no problems with version 3.1 and my colleagues have no problems with version 4.2. There is just another person in my office with the same version I have and with the same issue).
However in our company upgrade won't be a quick path (request module, validation, approvation, another validation, approvation again and so on), it will take reasonably a month.
Meanwhile is there any test I can perform and any detailed log I can check?



Hi Alessandro,
you could send us your exception trace from the Toad install folder. Does it occur only in Editor? Could you send us some script that causes problems or is it all scripts?

Hi dan,

I found just a file named ExceptionTrace.log in /AppData/..., no log file is available in the installation folder. No exception has been raised during "save as" operation.
I have the problem for any sql script I try to save from the editor, no matter how long is it.
Once I started the IDE It seems that the issue shows since the second "save as" on. Strange a lot. The first "save as" operation is not really fast but neither impossible to be completed.


in record time for our organization our installations have been updated to version:

Toad Data Point (32 bit)

for me and my colleagues.
The issue affected two of the five pc's of the office, and on theese 2 pc is still present.
Again, when I try to "save as" a file from the sql editor the cpu usage in task manager jump to 100% and the operation become infinite. In task manager I saw the explorer.exe process cpu usage raising out of control.
No problems with the "open file" dialog windows instead.

I verified and I have the same problem i.e. when I try to export the connections and save the xml file to disk. It seems that every "save as" operation from toad that involves explorer.exe has the same prblem.
Of course I tryed to use "save as" from other applications (chrome, word, ecc) but explorer.exe worked like a charm in that cases.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.