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Saved ER Diagram column names shrink after reload

Dear Community:

I encountered the problem in ER digraming from Data Analysts tool ( I drew the ER diagram with much efforts in selecting the tables, lining up the proper width of the columns, datatypes and not-nulls and save it as a regular ‘.TER’ file. However, when I reopen the ER diagram file the origianl width of columns all shrink and some part of the column names not visible. I need to fine-tune again to make it readable for my developers. Anyway to keep the oringinal layout in the reloading?



I’ve noticed this same behavior in TDA and I have to create a PDF every time I get a diagram looking good because it most likely will change when re-opening the .ter file in Toad.

I confirm that ER diagram does not save and restore width of columns and table positions correctly.

The CR 99660 has been created to track the issue.

Thank you for reporting it.