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SB index mods cause RHS to incorrectly refresh



Completely confusing and inaccurate subject, but in .14, connected to a DB:

  1. Open SB

  2. On LHS, select “Tables” tab

  3. On LHS, select table with multiple indexes.

  4. On RHS, select the “Indexes” tab

  5. On RHS, select an index

  6. On RHS, click on the “alter index” button

  7. Alter the index (I unchecked “parallel”) and click “OK”.

All’s fine, although the RHS is not refreshed with the new info.

However, repeat steps 4-6 and the RHS is now a table listing instead of the LHS table’s index listing.

Minor, I know… :slight_smile:




And never you mind about my numbering scheme. It’s obviously of a highly intelligent and purposeful order.