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SB | Used by tab

If I set SB | Used by tab to grid view and use a quick filter at any column header (the small blue filter icon on the top right corner) 'Compile', 'Load in Editor', 'Describe', 'Find in Schema Browser' functions don't work any more.

It's working OK for me. Is this what you mean?

Yes, exactly.
There are rows where I can use Describe operation, but some of them is unresponsive for right click commands. The only operations that works is Extract DDL for ALL|Selected.

For example describe of "TERULET_2351" object is successful if I use a Tree mode view. But changing the view mode to Grid, search for the same object name and try to to describe it do nothing.

Is there any validation|check after the user hit F4 keystroke on a row?

I sent you the copy of tree in HTML format.

Do you have a value for "Parent in Tree" column in your example? It seems every describe is successful in Grid mode for me if this column has a value.

I just tried one of each and both worked.

I see that Export DDL gets the object names in a different, and apparently more reliable way than the first 4 right-click menu items. I can make a change to use the same technique for the first 4 items.

I assume that you don't have any problems describing the problem objects in "Tree" mode, is that right?

Yes, that's right. Tree mode is ok.

After you select an object in grid mode, if you toggle to tree mode, the object should be selected there automatically, keeping your selection in sync. Is the same object selected?

This is not true in all situations. It happens only if 'Parent in Tree' column contains some not NULL value in the Grid mode. Then the toggle between Tree and Grid modes keeps the selection in sync. And of course, the describe operation is ok from grid view.

I just now realized that we are not in the beta form. I can reproduce this in 13.3. It is fixed in the beta.