Schedule a report question from a newbie

I have just started using toad for data analysts.
I can create , generate and e-mail a report fine when using the “test” for a script.
However when I set up a schedule to run the report it never runs.
I belive I am doing everthing requested on the schedule wizard, ie adding password etc.
Would anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks

Go to the task scheduler. Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Scheduled Tasks

Find the scheduled task and double click on it. Reset the password and close task editor.

Right click on task and choose Run. Do you see the Toad icon running in the right hand corner? What is the last result status after it appears to complete?


Tried you suggestion.

When running direct from Task the status on the task screen says running. I get no toad icon and no report.

What is the last result after it appears to complete? There is a status column for the task. Does this say 0x0 or 0xfffff?

Then start TDA and go to the About Box. Click on the application data directory link. This is where all of the app files are kept. Go to the Automation directory and see if a log file was made from running the script. Send the file to me.

Also, can you try creating another scheduled script that does something simple, like just write a comment? I’m trying to isolate whether the issue is with the system task scheduler or with the specific script you are trying to automate.

Attached is the log file for the report.

When I try and run the schedule get the last result as 0xffffffff

I can set and and run other task though the schedular with no issues and have full admin rights on the server.
Script_1.log (470 Bytes)

No idea what I’ve done, but after some more playing around have now got it working.
Thanks anyway for the help.


The log file says the connection failed.

– 07/08/2009 11:22:35: Script_1.log: Connecting to CUKLIVE (CUKLIVE), CUKLIVE
– 07/08/2009 11:22:35: Script_1.log: Connection failed.