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Scheduled TAS Job Failing with "Exit Code 259"

I have a Toad Data Point 64-bit TAS file scheduled job that recently started failing with "Exit Code 259". Nothing was recorded in the run logs and I cannot find this error code in any of the TDP documents. Does anyone know what this error code means? This isn't a new job and it was working just fine the last couple of months (and the TAS file hasn't been changed since the initial posting). Also, I am able to run it manually so I don't think the TAS file itself is the issue. Would like to hear your ideas on where I should start looking.

Hi Robert,

I don't have any experience with that Exit Code, but since it is only the scheduled job that is returning this error, it is probably related to the windows job scheduler. Has anything changed in your windows env - like a security upgrade? Also can you change the logging level to VERBOSE and re-save the TAS file so that next time it runs it can generate a more detailed log? Once you have that you may want to reach out to support as well as they may have more info (

Hi Julie,

Thanks for the reply. This job is running on an ITS managed server so I couldn't tell you if they pushed any new security updates/policies to it or not. I will add that this error/failure is random as the next day (and every day since) this job hasn't hit Exit Code 259. I will follow your recommendation and change the logging option so if/when it fails the next time I will have more information (hopefully) that I can share with your support team.

Thank you