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Scheduling at a higher frequency

I am just getting into using Toad for Data Analysts. I want to use it for automated email reports from a server. everything i have seen so faris pretty amazing. However i got to the last step for scheduling the task to run and i noticed that the settings for task scheduling are pretty limited.

For instance. I have certain queries that i want to run every 10 minutes. I have others that i want to run every hours. (Shift Reports)

Am i missing something?

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We use the windows scheduler for our scripts. They don’t have an interval for what you want. Instead I suggest using a while loop in you script with a pause activity. You can control the freaquency of the loop with the pause value. Just make sure to define how to terminate the loop.


Have you tried modifying the advanced settings within the scheduled task manager? Under advance settings you should be able to set the task to repeat every 5/10/15/30/60 minutes for a duration of 15/30/60 minutes (also 12 hours/1day).