Schema Browser - add "Objects"

Please add "Objects". When having to work for a customer, we often have to get an overview of all the objects in a schema, not only the invalid ones.
I often find myself browsing packages, procedures, functions, synonyms just to get a sample of what the schema might be using. Be nice if that could be melted into "Objects", with a similar interface to the "Invalid Objects", that blends object types into one view.

Go to "Users" on the left hand side, pick your schema, then "Objects" on the right hand side. There is a dropdown on the right where you can choose between Extents, Segments, and Objects.

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Brilliant, didn't know that. Quite well hidden.
I hope it can be moved to the "normal" left hand side for better usability, but it sure does the job.

It's not exactly what you're looking for, but have you tried tree view mode in the Schema Browser? To enable it, click here

then you can find your schema on the left (either "Logon Schema" or listed under "Other Schemas"). To expand all nodes under the current node, hit the * key on your keyboard (and - to collapse all). It'll run several queries so it might take a minute, but then you'll see all objects on the left hand side (LHS) for a given schema.