Schema browser filter table selection

Toad 16.2

If i have a schema browser filter some_function and then change filter to *, selected item in the treeview is remembered and shown for procedures and functions, but not for tables


Hi Esko,

This seems to be working OK for me. Did I do something different?

( I also tested this on tabbed-style SB. )



Sorry, I was not clear enough, you should not have to scroll to the selection, Toad should automatically scroll so that the table section is visible as it does for functions and procedures.

oh, ok. Yeah that would be nice. I can add that.

:+1: I would like that improvement too, I see the same little problem as Esko.

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This was added a few weeks ago to beta. I guess you are using 16.2. Let me know if this is not the case.

I just tested the 16.3 beta and it works

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So I look forward to the improvement in 16.3 release. Until then, I will continue using 16.2.

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