Customization of the Schema Browser

Hi all,

I am really new to using Toad for Oracle (and Oracle in general [:D]) so sorry for maybe the stupid question.

I am using the Schema Browser in the tree view. Is it possible to customize what items are shown in this tree - for example I know that for the current project I will not use “Java” or “Clusters” or “Queues”. Is it possible to remove these from the tree view?

PS: I am using Toad for Oracle 12.8

Thank you very much,


On the right hand side, the very last toolbar button is “Browser Style”. Click that. Then click “Configure LHS Object Types”

Yes, you can do that. Look in the last dropdown button on the SB toolbar called “Browser Style” and choose “Configure LHS Object Types”. Uncheck “visible” for those tabs you don’t want to see.