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Schema browser load non oracle maintained users

I would like to see any option added to the schema browser list of users to load. When you open the schema browser, on the left hand side, the top drop down shows the current logged on schema. If you click this drop down, and right click in it, you see the options shown in the screen shot below.

Since Oracle 12.1, there is a new column on the dba/all_users view named oracle_maintained. If the value for this is Y, it is a built in schema. I would like to have an option to show only the non-built in accounts (select username from dba_users where oracle_maintained = 'N'), since these are the ones that contain my application objects.

Not a bad idea. Seems like it would have to be in addition to the others, though, because it's only a 12c and newer column, and this option is not remembered per connection, it's global. You don't want to have to mess with it every time you change connections.

So, I'm thinking...keep the 4 choices in your screen shot, with a checkbox item for "hide oracle maintained" that ANDs into the where clause (if checked)

Definitely have it as an additional option to the existing ones.

Done for next beta. And I made it less wordy in there.

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Sweet, thanks, I'll be looking forward to that.