Feature request for SB users tab to filter out oracle maintained users


In schema browser Users tab, there could be a button which can be toggled on/off, which tells whether to show only user created users (oracle_maintained='N') or all users.
The thing is, most (or even all) of the time when something needs to be done with users, we do this with user created users.

We shouldn't be doing anything with oracle created users (oracle_maintained='Y') except change password etc.

Also, after changing this option and closing toad, and reopening again, it should remember this setting.


Hi Raul,

Good idea. I can add that here:

By the way, you may know about this already, but you can at least filter the schema drop-down to hide the Oracle-Maintained users:


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Thanks, yes this sounds good.

This dropdown list option I did not know either. I did not even know that right click there does anything, but OK, good to know..(Y)


And common users in multitenant 'c##%'.

You can filter those already like this: