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Schema Compare Reporting (Version 64-bit)

There must be an easy way to produce a report showing differences only, when comparing two databases, but it is not obvious to me. I just did a comparison of our TEST and Production databases. I'm seeing a lot of differences, but when I generate the report, it is only showing the object names with differences, not what is different.

I'd like a report that shows the required ALTER scripts in TEST, to make our TEST the same as Production.

Hello Tom,

You can select option 'Detail Report' in Schema Compare Report Wizard. In the same page you can select only non equal objects\properties that you want to see

Alter scripts only available in synchronization script. You can generate sync script and open it in Editor without run immediately

Hi Vasiliy,

Sorry for the late reply. What did you click on to display the screen you have shown? I cannot find Waldo! It really shouldn’t be this difficult, but this is likely a PEBCAC Error!

After I complete a Schema Comparison, I see the following screen. In this example, the Production database is the Source, and a TEST database is the Target:


My goal is to make the Test schema the same as our current Production schema. The next screen I see is shown below:


If I click on Tools > Reports > Schema Reports….


…. I see a screen that looks pretty blank. It includes (3) toolbar buttons. The left-most button looks promising—the ToolTip reads “Generate Report”, but when I click on it, nothing


And, in the process of preparing this reply, I
think I finally found elusive Waldo!

One has to click on the indicated toolbar button, in the same window I saw in Step 2, above.


This is not very discoverable, to have to hover one’s mouse over various toolbar buttons.

Anyway, I clicked on the above toolbar button. It generates a 75 page report, but then the process seems to freeze before it is finished. The progress seems to have stopped on a
Preview phase, stuck here for over 5 minutes:

I had to eventually kill this task in TaskMgr:


Hi Tom,

We will recheck report generation to reproduce your case.

If your goal is to make the Test like Production just run generation of synchronization script.

You can generate script and run it later after review

You can review script in Toad editor with Script Map for easy navigate

I hope it help

I can try running the synchronization script, however, I have discovered that certain objects in our TEST database have useful comments that are not present in the Production copy.
So, I need to be very careful about a wholesale replacement of PROD à Test.

Are there any log files available, that I might be able to send, that would be helpful to help determine why the process seems to freeze on me?