Schema Compare using a snapshot file

I’m testing out using a snapshot file to do a schema compare. When I do a compare with 2 live schemas (schema A and schema B) I get a different result than if I compare 1 live schema (schema A) and snapshot file created from the second schema (schema B). The compare using a snapshot shows all of the materialized views as being different by columns and inmemory.

Can someone explain what this means? Is there setting I need to change so that the results will be the same as a live schema compare?

I’m using TOAD 12.7.1 - DBA suite.

Thanks for your help.

Karen O’Grady

Looks like you found a bug. I’ll have it fixed for the first beta of the 12.9 cycle. That will start very soon after 12.8 is released, which I believe will happen in a couple of weeks.