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Script for Scheduler Program always has program disabled

Hey all,

In the SB RHS script tab for Scheduler Programs for beta, all programs are shown as "ENABLED = FALSE", even if the program is enabled.

Perhaps a setting I'm not seeing somewhere?


There is a command to enable it at the end though, right?

I'm sure there is a reason why I did it that way, but can't remember offhand what it was. Maybe to prevent the thing from running right away? Maybe to avoid some error about arguments? If present, they are created after the program.

Yes, of course that's the case. I apparently don't go into my Schedules very often (this particular one's been in place since 2009). Having that script behavior only on the Program and not the Schedule nor the Job is what caught my eye, and not the re-enable afterwards.

I'm migrating all of our DBs from 12.1 on AIX on-prem to 19.6 on Linux off-prem, changing replication (moving to SharePlex), and an ERP upgrade to boot. It seems I'm a little more scatter-brained than usual. :wink:

Thanks John!

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