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SDO_Geometry Coordinates

I have a table that contains a coordinates field that appears a follows:

When I click on that field the editor pops up with a page full of other coordinates. Since I can't post another image since I'm new, I can't show the image here.

Why all the other points in the editor when the coordinates have the x,y,z points I need? Thanx.

Here's the 2nd image from the 1st post.

That dialog uses a different kind of grid than the one we use in the Editor - it allows the object's sub-fields to be expanded out.

I guess you are asking why every row appears in the popup? To be honest, I don't remember the reasoning behind that. I guess so you can see multiple rows of data, since there is room. If you don't want to see that many, you can just resize the grid so it is short and wide. You've probably noticed that you can change rows in either the main grid or the popup grid and they stay in sync with each other.

So, basically, it's just displaying that field for all the other rows in the table? Makes sense. Thanx!

Yeah it's just a different display of the same data that's in the main grid.