Toad for Oracle 17.1 Beta

We are pleased to announce the Toad for Oracle v17.1 beta

We encourage you to participate in the beta program to help us deliver a high quality product. This is your opportunity to participate in the development, direction, and testing of Toad for Oracle. By becoming a beta tester you will have direct access to the development team and product management via the Toad World forum.

Instructions for joining the Beta program:

  • Read the Beta Agreement. Downloading the Toad Beta constitutes usage agreement.

  • Install Toad for Oracle version 17.0 for Windows (Non-subscription) and run it at least once. Do not uninstall 17.0 before installing the beta. The beta does not work without the most recent GA version also installed.

  • IMPORTANT: Do not install Toad Beta into your commercial Toad folder. Just accept the default folders when installing the beta.

  • The beta change log is below

Which version?

If you have a 32-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment:

If you have a 64-bit Oracle client currently installed in a 64-bit environment:

Beta Expiration

Each beta expires after 4 weeks, but new versions with later expiration dates are released often, typically on Mondays. An indicator will appear on Toad's status bar when a new version is available. Click it to download and install the update (No need to remove the old beta first, just install the new one on top of it). It's very easy. In this way you can continue to use the beta until the next version of Toad is officially released.

We encourage you to stay up-to-date with the most recent beta version, and do not hesitate to post suggestions or problem reports to this forum. The development team reads every post and typically responds very quickly.

A Note about Oracle Clients:

  • 12cR2 and 18c are the recommended client versions.
  • 19c and 21c clients will work, but they leak memory with LOBs, and sometimes hang when cancelling queries against 11gR2 servers. The memory leak is not terribly severe, but something to be aware of. You can just restart Toad if/when you need to reclaim the leaked memory.
  • 12cR1 and older clients don't handle XMLTYPE natively.

Toad's no-client option

  • Uncheck the "Use Oracle Client" box on the login window to connect to the database without an Oracle client.
  • Pros of no-client option:
    • No setup required
    • It is is a bit faster than using a client.
    • Supported: LDAP, TNSNames.ora, TNS_ADMIN environment variable, Oracle Encryption and Data Integrity, Spool SQL, SSH, TCPS, and Oracle Wallet connections.
    • Can connect to every database version since 7.3!
  • Cons of no-client option:
    • Not supported: tracing/logging, proxy connections.
    • Known issue: Timestamps display wrong offsets in no-client mode.

What is this sorcery that Toad can connect to the Database without an Oracle client?

  • The Oracle client is just DLLs (and some other files) produced by Oracle that know how to connect to the database. Toad now contains code that can achieve the same thing. We did not compile Oracle DLLs inside of Toad in any way.

The beta change log is below


Toad Beta Change Log

Toad Beta 17.1.397.2461, Released 11-27-2023
Bug Fixes

  • Dark Mode: Editor's "Load Database Objects" not painted correctly until SQL finishes
  • Automation Designer: Access violation when running script action after switching to another window, then back to Automation Designer.
  • Schema Compare: Error - 'Nothing selected to compare' when constraints selected


  • Automation Designer: Content type (plain or HTML) can now be specified in email actions
  • Automation Designer: Option added to script action to not display popup error messages

Toad Beta 17.1.391.2240, Released 11-20-2023
Bug Fixes

  • Automation Designer: Cannot import Data Pump Import actions from prior versions
  • AWR Browser: Insufficient privs error from AWR report when connected to pluggable DB
  • Import Table Data: Fixed field width imports giving bogus error about field size
  • Import Table Data: Error if Array Size value too large.
  • Create/Alter Table: Show SQL w/o Schema still showing schema when adding foreign key
  • Debugging: "Invalid Oracle Home" when trying to debug in no-client mode
  • Editor: "Save as" including full path in file dialog
  • Export DDL 23c: "Invalid Table Name" error when creating scripts
  • Login: grid filtering by client while in no-client mode
  • Misc: "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" error after lost connection
  • Options: "Allow internet access" not disabling Toad Improvement Program
  • Schema Browser: DB Link dependencies finding links in other schemas


  • Schema Browser: Commit/Rollback buttons above data grids now only enabled when in transaction
  • Schema Browser: Tables-RHS-Indexes - creation date can now be displayed (click top-left corner of grid to enable)
  • Schema Browser: Tables-RHS-Stats/Size - index size can now be included

Toad Beta 17.1.375.2275, Released 13-Nov-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Alter Datafile: Error when specifying file size greater than 2147483647 bytes
  • Alter Database Link: DB Link name appearing in User Name field
  • Code Road Map: "File in use" error when multiple Toads running
  • Compare Multiple Tables: "[] is not a valid directory" error if output file name specified without path
  • Connections: Access violation if ending connection while quick describe window is open
  • Editor: Tab stop setting not saved
  • Editor: Excessive scrollbar movement when navigator reloads (most noticeable when a color theme is applied)
  • FTP: Invalid private key file raised exception instead of "nice" error
  • Import Table Data: Exception raised if importing from Excel and the sheet to be imported is missing:
  • Login Edit Dialog: Password shown in clear text when entering new password for multiple login records:
  • Schema Browser: Access violation if changing RHS dimension tabs while script is loading
  • Script Manager: Access violation when running scripts
  • Startup: "Scheduler is not running" error if windows scheduler is not running
  • Toolbars: Access violation if toolbars reset while describe window open


  • Export DDL: Much faster now when exporting multiple objects. Please note, this change means that in some cases the output files from Export DDL may be slightly different. Specifically:
    • When exporting multiple objects to either "One file per schema" or "One file per object type", the order of the statements in the file may be different than before.
    • When exporting multiple objects to either "One file per schema" or "One file per object type", line feeds between statements may be different than before
    • "BuildAll.sql" is now "Build_All.sql". This change was made so that Generate Schema Script and Export DDL produce the same file name.
    • When exporting objects to "One File per Object" in Generate Schema Script - an additional line feed is present at the end of each file as compared to version 17.0.
  • Log Switch Frequency Map: Can now show size/quantity of Archive Log switches
  • QSR: Show connection info on title bar like Toad
  • Team Coding: Much faster now when working with multiple objects (check in/out, etc)
  • What's new dialog: Links now open in default browser
  • Workspaces:
    • "Save" now saves without prompts
    • New "Save as..." can be used to save to a new workspace
    • "Delete" and "Rename" options now show additional info about workspace

Toad Beta 17.1.352.2151, Released 6-Nov-2023

Bug Fixes

  • Schema Browser: RHS Script buttons - icon should match the LHS script button.
  • Schema Browser: Tabbing from the quick filter goes to no-man's land
  • Schema Browser: Quick Filter didn't work for Favorites
  • Import Table Data: Access violation when re-running import and Excel sheet no longer in file


  • Schema Browser: Favorites - Annoying "# Objects Added" message removed
  • Schema Browser: In LHS, CTRL+F now moves focus to the quick filter
  • Schema Browser: Added some Schema Browser actions to Options -> Toolbars -> Shortcuts

The change log for Toad version 17.0 is here