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Session Browser connection dropdown may change connection on an underlying window

I have 4 db connections. Session Browser connected to db1. Goto SGA Trace with connection to db2. Click another app, usually for me this is an Outlook window. or Chrome window Go back to Toad by clicking on the Session Browser window, go to connection dropdown. The Session Browser dropdown now shows db2 and if click on db3, the SGA Trace window connection changes, not the Session Browser. This is reproducible with those 2 windows - I’ve had this happen several times for Schema Browser and Session Browser windows, though I cannot reproduce that at will.

Hi Dale,

It sounds like somehow you are getting the dropdown of the SGA Trace to appear on the Session Browser. That would explain why it shows connection 2 instead of connection 1, and also it would explain why SGA Trace changes session instead of Session Browser.

I’ve been trying to reproduce it but no luck so far. I have the two windows side by side within Toad while testing and then I click the dropdown arrow on one or the other. If you are doing something different, let me know.

I guess another thing that could be happening (and probably more likely now that I think about it) is that somehow you are activating the dropdown menu of a window without making it active, The checked menu item on the ‘change session’ dropdown shows the active connection, which is the connection of the active window. And when you click any of those menu items, Toad changes the connection of the active window, which, somehow, isn’t the window that owns the toolbar that you clicked on.

My windows are not side-by-side but rather SGA Trace is covering most of Session Browser when I click away. Seems to be very specific to WHERE I click. I can only reproduce when I click on the Session Browser window title bar.

Session Browser connected to db1. Click on ANY Toad window connected to db2 (such as Editor window) but make sure Session Browser window title bar is visible. Click away but make sure Session Browser title bar is still visible. Then click on Session Browser window title bar. Click on connection dropdown - it will now show db1. Change it to db3 - the underlying window, in this case Editor window, will change to db3 but Session Browser connection does not change.

Oh, wow. Yeah, I can reproduce that when I click the Session Browser by it’s title bar.


Looks like it was broken by this change:

Funny thing though…at the end of that thread, the last thing I said was “Well, it did that before, so at least I didn’t fix one thing and break another.” Famous last words.

I’ll have this fixed for 12.11 beta #1.