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Session Browser Default settings


Hi All,

We are using DBA suite for Oracle and one day suddenly i lost my settings of session browser (default). Now left panel of session browser is all over the place with very wide column width. Any way i can go back to default setting of session browser?

Your help would be appreciated.

-Thanks, Dhaval

  1. in Toad, go to Options -> General.

  2. Click “open folder” next to “Application Data Directory”

  3. Close Toad.

  4. In the folder that opened in step 2, browse down to User Files, then GUISettings.

  5. If you want to reset the main session browser tree’s column widths and order, delete SessionBrowserTree.ini.

  6. If you want to reset all of the grids in the Session Browser, delete all of the files that contain the word “TSessionBrowserForm”.

  7. If you want to reset everything else in the Session Browser, delete the TOAD_GUI.ini file.

  8. Restart Toad.