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Reset Session browser window

After I upgrade from previous comercial version to last one, when I open Session browser, I cannot reach tabs in lower part of window and all the time I am in "Explain Plan" option

How to reset this part of work without reseting the whole profile.

I have seen similar issues when OS font sizes or magnification has been changed, or even screen resolution. Assuming that you've tested different settings there, have you tried to play with the layout flip?

If you want to reset Session Browser settings:

  1. shut down Toad
  2. go to User Files\GUI Settings folder
  3. delete *sessionBrowser*.* (there are lots of files that match this pattern) and TOAD_GUI.INI.

Despite the name, TOAD_GUI.INI only has session browser settings, not all of Toad.

Thx that is fully reset.

And I did a little improvement...tried and succeeded a little more less aggressive approach.
Did renamed file, Start Toad.
Session Browser was reset with initial columns and layout.
Then I closed Toad
Deleted newly created file and returned old one to original name.
Start Toad and windows was reset while reuse columns setup from original setup.

Hope this helps someone.

Nice hint ... works in this case.

Just now noticed something that might be interesting.
I have 4k monitor.
When i want to move Toad to 50% of width (left or righ) and 100% full height, I gt again this issue with overlapped tabs.
But I was able to return to full screen and then to adpt lower panels in a way that they are shown when I put toad in 50% position (height).
I think that some of internal Toad calculations get confused in such a big change and not recognize new panel values properly.
Last but least, if you open later Toad Session browser (after that4k view) in 1920x1024 resultion (those are resolution on mine laptop) then problem is here again present.

Maybe to look in that code on such envs...because it really annoying to fix that everytime resolution least some button for now that will split panels in height (50:20:30) ...

Thanks, I'll fix it.