session switching

Hey I remember session switching in v5.x. If you were in an editor window, you could switch sessions and you would stay in the same editor window. Now, with v 6.4, when you switch sessions, the contents of the editor window are cut and pasted to another window in the other session. Is there anyway in 6.4 to configure session switching, so that you stay in the same window and not move around like that?


Hi Jeff,

In 6.x Code Editor is multi-tabbed, and tabs in one Code Editor window can’t belong to different sessions. So it’s a shift of the paradigm, not just a bug. What problems does it cause for you?


It is as I suspected, a different way of diong things - a paradigm shift, if you will.
Well, it doesn’t really cause a problem, per se. It just seems clunkier. From an end-user experience, it’s just not as slick and smooth. I am talking pure esthetics here. I have been using sql nav since 3.0 and was very used to the previous session switching model.
SQL Nav has this tabbed environment now. They probably had to do a change to the session switch model, to accomodate the new tabbed model. Here’s a question, instead of switching out just one tab worth of code, when you do a session switch, why not switch out the entire window (all its tabs)? Maybe a future configurable option?..

It takes a time to get use to. I had similar problem when changing from 5.5 to 6.0 but when you get use to it you will find that it’s great to have several code tabs for the same session.