SQL Nav 6 Open Same File/Script Multiple Times (vs Reload in Editor)

Ok, I might be missing something completely obvious here, but I am running SQL Nav and working with tabs in the code editor.

Here’s the problem:

  1. Open a SQL script/file in a tab in the code editor
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Open the same SQL script/file from step 1 in the new tab
  4. SQL Nav jumps to the first tab and reloads the SQL script in that editor
  5. I cannot find any method/option for actually opening multiple copies of the same script/file (across multiple tabs).

Help. I mean, I know that I can do a split and have two copies in one tab, but sometimes I have the same script opened three, four, or five times. This was not a problem in 5.5.x. What am I missing?


Hi Jesse,

What is the purpose of opening multiple copies of the same script? You can do this in 6.0, but you need to open multiple connections to the database and then open the file in each Code Editor. You can then run the script in several sessions in parallel.


I’d copy/paste the script contents into a new tab (and probably save it to another file).

Hi Dominique,

Was it an answer to my question? Anyway, what I suggest you do is modify your scenario so that step 2 reads: Open a new connection (to the same database). This will create a new instance of Code Editor, and step 3 will be performed in this new window. You now have two copies of your script open, and you get an extra benefit that you can run (parts of) the script in different windows in parallel.

Hope this helps,


No, it was in reply to "davisjj@westinghouse.com".

It would seem that there are a few possible reasons to have 2 script windows open on the same database:

  1. same (or slightly altered) (part of) script that may be executed simultaneously - then one has to use your solution (2 connections to the DB necessary)
  2. initially the same script, but one or both will get altered over time, and simultaneous execution is not necessary (so one DB connection is sufficient) - then my workaround should work (well, it works for me, anyway - everyday, I might add)

I guess that answers the question, but I’m not sure why something as simple as being able to run the same script in multiple windows would be removed between 5.x and 6. I use this all of the time (viewing a grouping of records for a certain lookup value, one grouping in each window).

Thanks all.

Hi davisjj,

If this is a big part of your workflow to do your daily work. We will definitely look into it for you.
Gwen has already raised a request on your behalf.

We are very close to the end cycle of 6.1, therefore we will not be able to fit this in. We will provide you an option/preference to open same file on different tab as you wish in 6.2 release. We will start the 6.2 Beta sometimes after we get 6.1 to GA.

Thanks and regards,