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Setting Current Connection Automatically

Hi, we are using TDP 3.5 at this point and I did search for help on this and couldn’t find anything. We have multiple connections and they all connect on startup. It seems like for some reason that each time we bring it up, the software almost chooses the current connection itself, so we find ourselves having to change after we might have already started a query up. For our business there’s one primary connection we always want to have to be the current connection and then just change to any others if we ever use them.

Is there a way to make a specific connection always the current connection on startup?

Thanks so much.

Chad King

I am sorry but there is no such setting.


Can I ask why? I’d think since its a feature TPD has to manually set before running the query based on the connection info you desire, then why shouldn’t it be a setting you could have made to be current automatically? I guess I’m wondering why its chosen to work this way. Also, is this something we can request as a future product enhancement request?

Thanks again.


Hi Chad,

I created request QAT-3814 to track this enhancement.



I don’t know if this will help but you can change all the other connections to not connect on startup and leave only the one connection you want to connect on startup. That way your one connect on start up will be the default connection, at least until you manually start up the other connections. Just right click a connection and uncheck the connect on start up box.

Hi team, I was wondering if there was any updates on the QAT-3814 enhancement? Thanks!

We have QAT-3814 open but not scheduled. I will be reviewing our tasks for the TDP 4.0 release when the new year starts. I will talk to the PM and see if I can get it on the scheduling list.