Navigation Manager: Auto Connect

Even though I setup all of my connections as “do not connect at start up” my TDP 3.2 is all of sudden auto connects to any previously active connection.

For example if I close TDP and my oracle connection is active it will auto connect the next time i launch TDP. If I disconnect from the Oracle connection it will not auto connect the next time i launch TDP.

This never used to happen, is there a setting to prevent this from happening?

Don’t know of any settings that do that. I made CR 107122 about it.

TDP is automatically connecting and opening any files/connections that were open when i last closed the application. I tried to create a log file using the /log=all, however, it wont work. Can i reset a config file manually? Or should i unistall and delete all the tdp folders that remain?

Go to your Help about and click through to the Application Data Dir. Shut down the application. Then open your connections.xml and change all attributes like the one below to False.



Debbie - That was the first thing I looked into, they are all set to False. If they are open at the time of shutdown they will just auto reconnect.

That makes no sense. Please attach a complete support bundle so I can see what is up.


Check your desktop configurations. There is an option there to open connections.