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Sharing Toad Edge Preview


We are currently using Toad Edge Preview for Postresql (EDB). Our Governmental network is locked down and we’re unable to install preview products on users’ desktops, for obvious reasons.

I’ve been in contact with support when I was unable to load the login screen due to having no network on the server. We got passed that, but I’m unable to share the application out via RDP as this fix doesn’t carry over to each user. We also use a 32 bit OS, so can’t simply share the application as it’s 64 bit and complains.

Is there a way I can share out the Preview version?


Hi, right now there is no possibility to use Toad Edge Preview without Internet connectivity.

In upcoming release there will be possibility to use Toad Edge in offline mode.



Miroslav Stanik



Miroslav is correct. Right now we require internet activation. When the generally available (GA) version is released, it will have both online and offline activation options.

It is also the case that we only support 64-bit operating systems. If demand is sufficient, we could consider a 32-bit version, but we do not currently have plans to do so.

Would you be interested in a telephone call to discuss what you are trying to do, and potentially see a demo of the product?