Toad Edge 2.5.0 is now available

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version for Windows and Mac: Toad Edge 2.5.0.

For all existing customers, Toad Edge 2.5.0 contains new fixes and enhancements.

Notable additions and changes:

  • Export to Excel support
  • Data Grid enhancements:
    Allow for multiple result set tabs (up to 5) as multiple queries are executed and pin one result set
    Functionality to show selected columns count/average/sum etc.
    Clicking on the row or row number highlights the entire row
    Option to add character separator while copying data
  • Improve UI of partition tables
  • Customize Object Explorer default tab for tables
  • Add option to restart Toad Edge
  • Full support of Windows Server 2016
  • Full support of PostgreSQL 14 and EnterpriseDB 14
  • Support of EDB driver
  • Improve management of subscription licenses via the License Portal

Release notes:


Toad Edge 2.5 change log

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed diff calculation when an object has same values for multiple object attributes
  • Fixed formatting in the change script generation while comparing schemas
  • Fixed inconsistency of compare schema layout
  • Now import will work for special float numbers like 'NaN' for PostgreSQL
  • Unable to edit grid when one of the column value changes after UPDATE is fixed
  • Copying tables with comments exclude comments is fixed
  • Enabled maximize window button in preferences page
  • Fixed check constraint exception for mariadb unsupported versions
  • Better diff description in MySQL for different partitions of two tables for same columns


  • Support of Windows Server 2016
  • Option to add and delete license has been removed.
  • Data/Result grid will now have a aggregator toolbar item to show aggregate values
  • Added an option to restart the application
  • SQL editor will now have a multiple result set tabs and ability to pin those result set
  • Users can now export data into excel files
  • Clicking on row of data grid will now highlight the entire row
  • Added option to customize column and row separator for copying data from data grid
  • Added option to customize the opened default table tab
  • Added partitions in object and detailed explorer along with quick doc and outline implementations
  • Full Support of PostgreSQL 14
  • Full Support of EnterpriseDB 14
  • Add support for EDB driver