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Can't dock Output Window

Hi, using SQL Nav and my docking window, even though I can see it, i can't dock it. I've done "reset docking" but it didn't work even after app restart.

Attached is a picture of my registry - any advice is appreciated.


Hi Adam,

Can you please try the following steps first:

  • Put cursor on output window
  • Drag with holding left mouse click
  • Try to dock it arround the taskbar at the buttom
  • When there is a rectangle with dashed line display, relase the mouse
  • It will be docked below the taskbar

Maybe you know how to do this, I juat want to confirm, because it works well for me with this in 6.1. If it still doesn't work, could you please attach a screen shot for us to have a futher check?

If you would like to, the work around to solve this problem in regstry is:
delete the whole folder of "docking windows", then restart SQLNav, it should work well after that.

Any issues please contact us anytime.


Thanks, Shirly