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Sql Navigator windows lost in space


I am using SqlNavigator 5.5 on a laptop.

At home, I have a large monitor and the space to use the laptop screen and the large monitor together.

At work at my office, I have a large monitor but not the space to use the laptop screen also.

And, of course, I frequently need to use the laptop elsewhere, where there are no extra monitors.

Here’s the problem. Your software “remembers” where it was last placed at on the screen.

If the screen is no longer connected to the system, or the resolution of the current screen isn’t as large as the last monitor, it still places the window at the same x,y coordinate and at the same size.

If the location is off the screen, I cannot use the software because I can’t get to the window to move it.

Ditto if the new resolution is smaller, because the top of the window will be lost off the screen, so I can’t move it either.

Basically, the software becomes unusable until I can get another monitor attached with sufficient resolution.

This is, frankly, an unacceptable situation.

Any ideas?

Because sooner or later I’m going to forget to small-size and relocate my windows before I log off, and the product will be unusable until I get access to a large monitor again.


Hi David,

You’ve been busy… thanks for your recent feedback!!
We’ll get to all your questions shortly.

If you open a registry editor and go tot he following path:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.0.0\Main Form

You will see the window locations that have been set by SQL Nav on your last exit of the program.

If you close SQL Nav, and then delete the 5 keys (but do not delete the ‘default’ key) your windows will return to the default location when you next launch the application.

  • Jaime -