Sigma totals show in query data grid, not SB Data

I saw Gary's Raider's of the Lost TOAD in Dec on Sigma as quick calculation. Sadly, I was not in the 55.
I didn't get the values to show in the SB's Data grid, but it did in the data grid from using a query. Screen shot shows the SB data. Visual setting was set to Windows standard. Changing it did nothing to change the area where Sigma shows.
I will try beta later on; I may have to update anyway.

Good tip for sure.

To see the summary numbers in 16.2, scroll the grid's horizontal slider all the way to the left.

This is fixed in the beta.

Scroll to the left - of course! I just assumed it would show under the column.

Well the problem is that
a) multiple columns could be selected
b) we show too much to fit under one column anyway - sum, avg, min, max, etc.

It's supposed to stay just left aligned, regardless of the scroller. It's a bug that it doesn't, fixed for 16.3

Thanks, John, on behalf of all of us!

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