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TOAD 12.6 Data Grid doesn't display all rows in the result set (vs TOAD 10.6)


Switching from TOAD 10.6 to TOAD 12.6 and having an issue with the Data Grid display. It seems that only a limited number of rows can be viewed in the new version. Here is what it looks like in 10.6 (by the way, please ignore the counts - these are 2 different employee databases - the first has 8 rows returned - the second has only 7):

TOAD 10.6.png

Here is what it looks like in 12.6 (two images). Only 6 rows are displayed:

TOAD 12.6 A.png

The data grid is limited to 6 rows being displayed and then it can be scrolled down, but not all can be viewed at once even though there is room on the screen below.

Here is the entire grid after scrolling down.

TOAD 12.6 B.png

There is no place to drag this larger, no maximize the window, and I can’t find anything in View --> Toad Options --> Data Grids --> Visual. Here is the options screen and I’ve tried pretty much every button in desperation:

TOAD 12.6 Options.png

Does someone have a way of expanding the view to see more rows? (And as you can tell, I’m not talking about the 500 row return limitation - I would like to see as many rows as it takes to fill the entire screen and not just view useless grey space).


Just so no one spends any time on this…

Looks like you have your solution in your cross-post.…/toad-12-6-data-grid-doesnt-display-all-rows-in-the-result-set-vs-toad-10-6


Thanks - the solution was “Try right-clicking on the data grid title bar and select “restore default desktop”. Perhaps a configuration change got locked in by accident and this should reset it.”

I do believe there must be a configuration change that has set this and I will ask our techs fix it because this version is being released shortly.

Cross-post was out of desperation - I’ve used TOAD for over 12 years and not figuring something out by myself made me anxious