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Slow performance over remote desktop

I'm working remotely (surprise), and connecting to my work machine with MS Remote Desktop. I'm having performance issues with Toad that I'm not experiencing with other applications. For one, the slide outs repaint the screen 10+ times, which takes 5-10 seconds or so every time. Just in general, it takes a lot of time to switch tabs. Every once in a while RDP just hangs when I'm switching windows or tabs in Toad, and I have to close RDP and reopen it in order to continue. Are there any settings in Toad to help performance when used remotely--like disabling the slide outs? I've been using 13.3, but I'm going to try going back to 12 and see if that is any better.

For the animated dock panels that slide in/out of view you can disable that and see how it performs. On the Windows page in Options, uncheck the "Scroll pinned windows..." option.

Have you tried tweaking the Remote Desktop settings already? When you open the Remote Desktop Connection program, click "Show Options" at the bottom left if the options tabs aren't shown already. On the Experience tab you can change the performance combo there and try other values. I'd try WAN first and see how that works.