SQL Editor "Do you want to reload the file"

Hi, I'm creating a sql script/query and about every 90 seconds toad data point is asking: "filename.sql has been modified on disk. Do you want to reload the file?" How do I make it stop doing this as it's extremely distracting!! Thanks.

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I'm assuming that you have opened up an already-saved file, or have saved it while you're working on it in TDP...

Are you (or anyone else if the file is on a share drive) updating the file outside of TDP?
Or is there perhaps a process/application updating the file during the time you have opened it and are working on it within TDP?

This message comes up whenever the file you're working on gets updated on the file system by some one/thing else.

Would be interesting to see if the issue still happens if you save the file under a different name within TDP.

While I have saved the file to a shared directory, no, no one else is modifying it. What is probably happening is we have a data loss program that may be constantly scanning or something similar. The file isn't really being modified. I would just like to turn off the warning. Is there anyway to do that?

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@eransom3 - Hi I have the same issue when I save a file to OneDrive. When I save the .SQL file to OneDrive I constantly get this pop up. However, when I save the file to my C:\ drive, I don't get the popup.

Security must have been running some sort of scan. Fortunately the pop ups quieted down eventually. I was just wishing for a "don't display pop up" anymore switch... Thanks Ramon.