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Sql Nav 4.5 output rounds number


Hi Dears

I had meet some problem about the number output round by sqlnav 4.5.

select 1.254567 from dual

returns 1.3

I had try to use the same script sqlplus8.0

returns 1.254567

Does anyone have good idea to solve this problem ?

Thank you for your help.


The last message from Piter:
So I found solution. Problem was in “Discoverer Home” set as active. Discoverer client runs scrips which sets session parameters. Afther changing active home to standard ORACLE everything works fine!!!

Do you have the same environment as per Piter’s post?

Hope that the info would help. Pls let us know if anything we could help.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Patrick,

Piter has reported the same issue a while back, pls refer to thread


Hi bruce

Thank you for your quick response. Yes. I have reference the related discussion.
But I only have one oracle home. It seems different situation as piortek.
So i still trouble with the issue.



Hi Patrick,

Thanks for getting back to us. Sekhar will get back to you shortly with more info.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Patrick , Could you please specify more about your oracle client .What version e.t.c.So that we can further investigate .



Hi sekhar

 Thank you for you help.  
 The environment of my oracle client information are as below  

 Oracle net8 client

 if you need any other information,please let me konw.

patrick oracle client.jpeg


Hi Patrick,

Unfortunately we don’t have 8.0.6 client available in our lab and we are no more supporting 8.0.6 oracle client. We would suggest you to contact our Support Team, who will be able to assist you with this issue. You can also try our Latest version of SQLNAV (5.5) , which provides some new features.



Hi Patrick!
Can U paste result of this sql:

SELECT d.parameter,d.value database,i.value instance,s.value “session”
FROM sys.nls_database_parameters d,sys.nls_instance_parameters i,sys.nls_session_parameters s
where d.parameter = i.parameter (+)
and d.parameter = s.parameter (+);


I think this is your Oracle client settings, is that standard Oracle client installed from Oracle Client CD, or Client installed by some other oracle application, Discoverer, Forms etc.? Non standard client installations has some parameters set for default, i had that situation with Disco Client. But in my situation, all applications ,using Disco client ,rounded numbers.


Hi There!
I have the same problem even with the new 5.5 version. Also have disco installed. Tried to change default home to another one using Oracle Home Selector, tried registry settings, but it didn’t help. Am I doing something wrong? Where exactly should I change the default home to get a positive effect?


Try this application (attachement) ,to change current home (shows in tray). It works with 10g homes too. Oracle 10g does not include Home Selector. (46.7 KB)


thanks a lot, that worked!


No problem!!


I have the same issue with SQl Navigator 5.1
One Oracle home
The issue is not reproducible with SQL*plus 8.0.6.

Any clues?


Disco Home is not showed in standard home selector. Watch
HKLM/Software/Oracle for disco entries, or try to use ole.exe attached in one of previous posts. This program shows all homes on your PC, including 10g homes, Disco and Express.
Could you type what keys do U have in HKLM/Software/Oracle registry path?
And values of HKLM/Software/Oracle/ALL_HOMES/default_home.

Regards Piter


I did try ole.exe, it showed only one home.

Other keys under ALL_HOMES are:
Default - No Value Set
Home_counter = 1


Hi Krish,
What keys do u have in HKLM/Software/Oracle/.
try to export into reg. file all values for Oracle, will see what is wrong (or not).
you can do that (in XP) using right click - Export… or Menu File>Export…

DEFAULT_HOME- is that a name of your home???


Attached is the registery entry for Oracle.

DEFAULT_HOME is not one of the name of homes.

oracle.reg (84.8 KB)


Hi Krish,
I can see that you have only one OraHome, but not quite clear Oracle Client Home but Oracle Forms Home, this home is different from normal home in the same way as Disco Home. This home uses special libraries and settings. My recomendation is to install normal Oracle client (9 or 10) and try connect to database via this new client. Of course install this new home in new path and new oracle_home name.
Try this one :

agree with license and dowload client cd, then install into new home.