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Result sql truncated decimal


SELECT 0.547

When running the SQL below the navigator returns the result with only 2 decimal places, truncating the number of houses.

He returns 0.5.


Hi Jose,

Which version of Nav are you using? I quickly checked with 6.2.1 and 6.3 beta, both return the number without truncate.



Hi Gwen,

I’m using version 5.5 of SQL Navigator, most believe there is a problem with the version, because I have the same version installed on another computer that works properly, only two machine here in the company have this problem of truncating the decimal places.

Thank you for your attention

José Luiz Vieira


Hi Jose,

If the issue only appears in some machine not the other, doesn’t that mean it’s not a problem with the version? Maybe it’s something to do with the Regional and Language options. Also try to reset the View > Preferences in case there’s any preference that causes the issue. (I had a look and couldn’t find any but just in case)



Hi Gewn

I went into the option View> Preferences and use the reset, most no avail, also got a machine that works correctly and the other with this problem and checked all the regional options and languages and the two are identical. I did an internet search and found others with the same problem, it still found no solution. Worse than uninstalled the navigator of one of these machines and installed it again, over the same error persisted.


José Luiz Vieira


Hi Jose,

Can you clarify that executing same script and connecting to same database in different machine but SQL Netvigator returns different results? Can you try the same script in SQL Plus and tell us the result?