SQL Nav 6.0 Search and Replace

I have noticed that the Search and Replace now loops through the code. In previous versions it would stop when it reached the last find and ask if you wanted to continue from the beginning. Is there a way to enable this in version 6.0? I have looked at all options under preferences and found nothing. I know that I can watch the line numbers to know where I am at in the search but I liked the prompt because then I knew I was at the bottom and could restart from the top.


Hi Randy,

That option was removed in version 6.0. Instead, when it reaches the end of the script, a message will be output into the Output window saying ‘Reached end of file. Continue search from the top’.



Thanks for the reply.

I sure don’t like having to have another window open and to watch it while searching through code to see when I reach end of file. I think Quest took a simplistic feature and made it cumbersome to use.


Hi Randy,

We took the prompt out because sometimes it is hidden in the background and makes Nav look like it’s hanging. This issue rarely happens but it does exist in 5.5. We made this change based on the assumption that the users always have the Output window open to work with objects & scripts. I will raise a request so that the developer can review the change to find out a better solution.


In my opinion it is a bad assumption that the Output window is always open. Why bother to make it closable and hidable if you think everyone always keeps it open?
Because screen real estate is so scarce, Because the Output window keeps popping up telling me stuff I don’t care to know, I keep the output shrunk down to it’s smallest size and unpinned. I too have this problem with search looping through the code. I think this was a poor solution. In my opinion, you should offer an option checkbox on the search window “Wrap at beginning/end” and figure out how to make the message box work correctly.

Oh yeah, I forgot this. Let’s look in the output window:
3:50:35 PM Reached end of file. Continue search from the top
3:51:42 PM Reached end of file. Continue search from the top
3:52:04 PM Reached end of file. Continue search from the top
3:52:17 PM Reached end of file. Continue search from the top

Great, so if I am not keeping one eye on the output window at all times and don’t blink when it updates, I have to keep track of what time I did each search to know whether the message is referring to the search I am doing now, or one a few seconds ago.
I reiterate that in my opnion this is a terrible solution to a rare hidden message box problem.

Hi Charles,

I will incorporate your feedbacks into the CR. This should be fixed in 6.2.