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SqlNavigator 5.5.3 Oracle 11g server with Oracle 10 client - cannot connect

Hi there

We are using SQL Navigator 5.5.3 .Oracle client to connect to Oracle server

I cannot able to connect to with error

Error -2147418113 has occurred
Access violation at address 05435738. Write of address 0A86AE64

and i cannot exit from navigator with out killing it from task manager.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chamdra,

We were able to reproduce the same issue as yourself using SQL Navigator 5.5.3.

We support 11g from 5.5.4, your options are to upgrade to this version or the latest GA which is 6.7.

Please go to the following Supporlink website to download SQL Navigator:|101|-1|,Nea:True,N:268435514&Dt=SQL%20Navigator%20for%20Oracle