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SQL Navigator 7.4 cann't commit to SVN

problem desc:

1、 do ‘check out’ a package

2、SQL Navigator generate 2 files for this package

3、do ‘Check in’

4、you can find SQL Navigator exeute svn ‘add’ command but not execute 'commit ’ command

so the two package files cann’t find in SVN Server.

anyone know this issue?

Production Version: SQL Navigator 2017 Trial Edition(SQL Navigator 7.4 Trial)

Hi James,

That's strange....

Have you check your Working Folder? it should be in your Working Folder.

and also you can try our new beta build.


Thanks Michael.

I am sure my Working Folder is right.

and if I check out a package that already in SVN Server and check in the file can commit to SVN server after changed something, everything is fine.

the problem only occured for first time check in (at that time this is no old version file in SVN Server ).

My version is,

it look fine for me with first time check out and check in

we will try to investragte this more with different SVN version


Thanks Michael,

Here is my environment info for you reference:

TortoiseSVN 1.9.3,Build 27038 - 64 Bit , 2015/12/13 11:53:16

Subversion 1.9.3, -release

apr 1.5.2

apr-util 1.5.4

serf 1.3.8

OpenSSL 1.0.2e 3 Dec 2015

zlib 1.2.8

SQLite 3.9.2

And My OS is:Win7 64 bit

Service Pack1