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SQL Nav panel display problems when using multiple monitors

SQL Navigator

Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit Version 1511

Lenovo T450s

I have multiple displays,two external monitors and the laptop display, and have encountered a variety of window/panel display problems. The problems occur when shutdown in hibernate mode and reopen on a different multiple monitor environment (same number of displays) Most frequently, SQL Nav windows end up located outside the edges of the physical displays and have to be manually moved into the physical display space. Less frequently, the layering and position of modal dialogs is behind the window from which the dialog was initiated from and, again, have to be manually relocated from behind the main window.


Agreed. I’ve had the same problem and always have to remember to position SQLN on my main monitor before I undock or I can’t easily get to it. If I forget to such as when running late to a meeting, I usually end up doing some Googling to come up with the right keyboard combination to move the SQLN window back on to the visible screen.

Hi MarkM,

Did you have this problems in Win10? it seem that some windows or dialogs have this issue.


I had been having the problem in Windows 7, but have adjusted my working methods such that SQLN is always on the main screen so I don’t have to worry about it disappearing when I undock.