SQL Recall window slow after Toad 12.11

I have searched and cannot find any reference to my issue with SQL Recall window.

I am currently holding at Toad version 12.11 because in versions after that (including 13) the SQL Recall window is slow for the recent tab. The same exact recent SQL query data runs at normal speed when hiding/unhiding the SQL Recall window and when scrolling within the window on the recent tab. However, every version of Toad after 12.11 with the same exact data the SQL Recall window is painfully slow. You can see the window repainting itself line-by-line when hiding/unhiding the SQL Recall window or when scrolling up or down within the window.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior and does anyone know how to mitigate this behavior?

Thank you!

How much saved queries you have in “recent” and in “Saved” tab?
Can you place a picture of content?

If number is small then you should look where you profile is placed …if it is on some network drive…this might be a problem, but in that case you should see slow opening Toad as well.

Yes I have the same exact issue since going from 12.11 to

I did a fresh install of version 13 and just did a SQL Recall Import of my Saved SQLs from 12.11.

Only have 21 saved SQL and showing them is painfully slow.

Showing Recent SQL is also slow.

As a workaround you can uncheck the “Scroll pinned windows” option on the Windows page in Options. The issue is worse as the width of the SQL Recall panel increases. This issue is logged.


This is known and was logged. There’s two possible workarounds that I know for this:

  1. Options > Windows > Uncheck ‘Scroll pinned windows at [x] millsecs’

  2. Collapse any less frequently used categories (down pointing arrow next to category name), as the more uncollapsed categories seems to cause additional slowness.

Thank you! That makes the behavior much more tolerable as it only has to scroll once the window “pops” open. I can now use Toad 13!

Thanks for the pointers on how to work around this issue as I am having the same problem and it is making Toad unusable. I am using version

It does suggest a lack of testing before releasing production changes to Toad!