SQLNavigator 6.1 - Double Click on SQL file gives error

I have SQLNavigator 6.1 and when i try to open a sql file through 'open file icon, it is fine. But from the windows explorer, if i try to double click on any sql file it gives me …Unhandled exception at startup - cannot open file

I tried to give the association of file type - SQL to open with the SQLNavigator application, but still it has the same problem

Any suggestion would be helpful



We’re aware of an existing issue in 6.1 about associating sql file and this issue has been addressed in our internal build for the 6.2 release. Please use sqlnav to open files as a work-around for now.

We will roll out another beta release in a couple of days. This release will include the fix. You’re welcome to download and try it out.


  1. Open Explorer and go to the Tool/Folder Options
  2. Navigate to File Type tab and select SQL extension.
  3. Click on Advanced Button
  4. Edit open Action and click on USE DDE check box
  5. Enter [FileOpen("%1")] in DDE message field and press OK.

This will solve the problem.

Thank you so much for sharing these information related to double click tester