Start TOAD with "Workspace" as a command line option

I wonder if it is possible to specify a workspace as a command line parameter when starting TOAD. I often work on projects for different clients at the same time. Switching between workspaces is very slow, especially if you have multiple editor windows open in the workspaces. Therefore, I would rather start multiple instances of TOAD and specify a workspace at startup, which is then loaded immediately.

I experimented a bit with the /VIRTUAL parameter. But that didn't help either, because

  1. the instances work with their own parameter settings and
  2. the last active workspace is not loaded at startup, because the setting "Automatically save and restore workspace" only works when TOAD is started without command line parameters.

I also could not find out if or how this would work with the "-a" command line parameter

There's no way to do that now, but it's a good idea. I've logged it as an enhancement request

This will be in the next beta. You can do

Toad.exe -Workspace Test

or, if the workspace name has spaces:

Toad.exe -Workspace "A B C"


Great! Then I'm already looking forward to the next beta. :+1:

That would be a really nice enhancement! Will this be available in every Toad variety? I'm on Toad for Oracle

It will be in all versions of Toad for Oracle, starting with 17.0

I have tried

toad.exe "workspace=naw-conversie"

Sadly, the result is that Toad starts, and shows me the login dialog window with the connections I defined, but the workspace is not loaded. (Regardless of whether I connect to a database or not.)

I am using Toad 17.0.341.1977.

Sorry, the syntax above (which I just edited) was inconsistent with the way other command line options are specified. So I changed it after my initial post here.

The correct syntax is:

Toad.exe -Workspace Test

or, if the workspace name has spaces:

Toad.exe -Workspace "A B C"

Note: Workspace name is case sensitive.

Thank you! That does work!

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One question in this context:
Are the command line options documented anywhere?

Hi Dirk.

Yes. Main menu -> Help -> Contents.
Click on the "Index" tab and type in "Command line"