Auto Save & Load Workspace

Hello, @JohnDorlon !

Please, instead of one parameter
"Auto Load/Save Workspace"
make two parameters

  • "Auto Load Workspace"
  • "Auto Save Workspace"

Personally, I will only enable the second parameter "Auto Save Workspace".
So I will choose Workspace manually, but all changes in the Workspace will be saved automatically.

Hi Ihor,

That's not a bad idea, I can add that. Although I wonder if anyone will use "auto load" without "auto save". Just curious - did you see my recent Workspace enhancements?

  • Workspaces:
    • "Save" now saves without prompts
    • New "Save as..." can be used to save to a new workspace
    • "Delete" and "Rename" options now show additional info about workspace

Thank You, John!

Yes, they are very useful. Thanx!

@JohnDorlon , can we hope for this improvement in the next beta update?

Hi Ihor,

Yes, it's in the works. I did something like this under the workspace menu:

Auto-Save ->

  • Off
  • Auto Save Only
  • Auto Save+Load

It didn't seem to make sense to include an "Auto Load Only"

I expected to use only "autoload".

For example, during startup, due autoload, 2 sessions were opened, in the 1st 3 windows, in the 2nd 4 windows.

While working, I opened 1 more session and 5 windows.
But I don’t want this session and windows to be saved automatically in the workspace.
If I want to save them, I will click “save” manually.

Oh, you actually want to be able to auto-load but not auto-save?

hm, ok, I can add that in too.

For me, the experience is something like:

  • I turn on auto save to do some testing with workspaces, close Toad when I'm done.
  • Later, I come back and start Toad, and - ACK - now it's auto-loading 5 connections and 10 windows and I get annoyed that I have to wait for it because that's not what I wanted to work on.

One thing you can do to achieve auto-load (but not save) now is

  • Turn the auto-save feature off
  • Start Toad specifying the workspace by command like, like this:
    Toad.exe -Workspace my_awesome_workspace

In the beginning of the thread you said that you were only going to use Auto-save though.

You're right.
I needed to give a more detailed description.

It all depends on the task I'm working on at the moment.

Sometimes I will need to enable Auto-Load.
Sometimes I will need to enable Auto-Save.
But almost never at the same time.

If You provide the ability to enable Auto-Load and Auto-Save separately, this will cover all UX scenarios.

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Thank You so much, John.

You're welcome, Ihor. Happy New Year.


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