Auto Save & Load Workspace

Hello, @JohnDorlon !

Please, instead of one parameter
"Auto Load/Save Workspace"
make two parameters

  • "Auto Load Workspace"
  • "Auto Save Workspace"

Personally, I will only enable the second parameter "Auto Save Workspace".
So I will choose Workspace manually, but all changes in the Workspace will be saved automatically.

Hi Ihor,

That's not a bad idea, I can add that. Although I wonder if anyone will use "auto load" without "auto save". Just curious - did you see my recent Workspace enhancements?

  • Workspaces:
    • "Save" now saves without prompts
    • New "Save as..." can be used to save to a new workspace
    • "Delete" and "Rename" options now show additional info about workspace

Thank You, John!

Yes, they are very useful. Thanx!