[16.0.83] Error Message on first launch after update

I just updated Toad to the latest beta version (16.0.83).
When I first started it, the following message came up, even before any other window of Toad became visible.

The message translates to "The Destination Folder is a subfolder of the source folder."

I clicked on "Skip" and then Toad started without any further errors.

Any idea why this message was shown and if the update is now incomplete?


I've never seen that, but if Toad doesn't complain when it starts, maybe there is nothing to be concerned about. We didn't add any files that I'm aware of in that beta.

Do you know what folder it is trying to copy? Maybe if you click "show details"?

This is all it shows. There's no more details. The text in the lower left corner says: "Less details" :wink:
The only thing I known is the folder is named "Databases"

There is a Databases folder under User Files. It's where connection-related settings like schema browser settings are stored. But updating from one beta to another shouldn't try to copy that folder

The Databases folder is still there and it seems to be ok. I had a "Databases_old" folder in the "User Files" as well, may be something got confused by it.
But everything seems to work as intended so far.

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I've updated to 16.0.86 this morning and it happened again.

The only matching "Databases" folder I was able to find is in "Toad for Oracle\15.1":

It seems like for some reason the beta is trying to copy settings from a prior installation. It shouldn't do that when you just update a beta.

If I were you, I could:

  1. look in C:\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\SettingsLocations.ini. Make sure that the paths are there and look correct.
  2. Delete any Toad data folders under that location that you don't need any more (such as 15.1 beta)
  3. delete the Databases_old folders

I don't think any of the above will solve this, but it's a good way to clean things up a bit.

To fix it you could try:

  1. Start the beta, go to Utilities -> Copy User Settings
  2. Reset to a clean set of user files
  3. Copy back over only the settings you want (like connections.xml) ... or....
  4. (instead of 3) Open Copy User Settings again, and choose the "copy user files from a previous installation", (copying from 15.1)

I cleaned up both the ini file and the folders in %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\. Let's see what happens with the next update :wink:


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