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Switch from trial to freeware

Hello, I have downloaded and installed the trial version of TDM 6.1 and after that decided to install freeware version. So, I uninstall trial version and installed freeware, but it still show me that it is trial version. How can I change from trial to freeware?


if you want to use the freeware version you have to delete trial license. Please try to find and delete the file “ProductLicenses.xml” from your computer or run TDM, go to the menu Help | Licensing and click on the Delete License.



Hello Savin,

when expired trial license your freeware version will be automatically switched to freeware. Freeware version has disabled some functionality, that is enabled in trial, so I think is not reason for early use freeware, when you have trial.

You can review limitation matrix at:


Thank you!